Carving dimensions: 67" Long (44" actual base length) 17" Tall x 6 1/2" Deep.

“The Roundup” By Joan Kosel

The inspiration for this piece is based on the artist's herd of horses. She used different types of hardwoods and applied stain and paint or just used the natural color of the wood to depict each horse.

The first horse is a dun Quarter Horse mare, made from canary wood. (A South American wood). Second is a Bashkir Curly Mustang gelding made from walnut. The third is a mustang as well and has a neck brand to prove it. The wood used for her is maple. Fourth in line is a big black Appendix Quarter Horse. Joan used Peruvian Walnut for her. Fifth is a grade/ QH Palomino gelding made from Yellowheart, also a South American wood. Sixth is a Quarter Horse mare made from black walnut. The rider and his horse were made using maple. Stain and oil paint was used to give the varying color. The base is made of walnut, and the entire piece is finished with low gloss tung oil.


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"The Roundup"

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